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Shanghai Xueya Industry & Trade Co. Ltd.

Beijing Beida Zongheng Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Beijing Yaoshengge Medicine Technology Co. Ltd.

Cixi Huabao Medical Supplies Industry & Trade Development Co. Ltd.

Tianjin Kangtai Industrial Co. Ltd.

Xiantao Fanyu Plastic Products Co. Ltd.

Nanjing Baiao Dry Equipment Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Xinsheng Technology Co. Ltd.

Wuhan Fulai Medicine Technology Co. Ltd.

Hangzhou Zhuwen Textile Products Co. Ltd.

Beijing Meishi Yage Home Products Co. Ltd.

Tianjin Ringpu Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.

Xuzhou Mandi Technology Co. Ltd.

Nanjing Jiema Technology Development Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Shirui Medical S&T Co. Ltd. Beijing Branch

Jiangxi Changqing Medical Technology Co. Ltd.

Henan Tianzhongtang Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

Co-Health (Beijing) Laboratories Co. Ltd.

Yangzhou Yikang Medical Appliance Co. Ltd.

Changzhou Shengkang Medical Machine Co. Ltd.

Yiyang Jinlikang Medical-apparatus Manufacture Co. Ltd.

DSM ( China ) Co. Ltd. Beijing Branch

Xiantao Daoqi Plastic Co. Ltd.

Beijing Jinliduo Science And Trade Co. Ltd.

Inner Mongolia Yinghua Rongtai Hi-Tech Development Co. Ltd.

Beijing Oumeikang Technology Development Co. Ltd.

Pingdingshan Yinke Yinxing Products Co. Ltd.

Beijing Jiran Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

Changzhou Changshun Plastic Co. Ltd.

Inner Mongolia Medicine & Medical Equipment Co. Ltd.

Beijing Baozhongtang Biology Technology Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Medical Optical Instrument Co., Ltd.

Beijing Bioneovan Co. Ltd.

Beijing Borne Tech. Co. Ltd.

Zhejiang Yudao Plastic Industry Company

Inner Mongolia Shengyou Co. Ltd.

Softron Beijing Incorporated

Ningbo Aisen Electric Co. Ltd.

Beijing Winround Medical Machinery Co. Ltd.

Ningbo Haishu Aishen Trade Co. Ltd.

Changzhou Kanger Medical Machinery Co. Ltd.

Beijing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Yangzhou Huayang Medical Appliance Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Xuanyu Trade Co. Ltd.

Sinohanfang Pharmaceutical S&T Co. Ltd.

Zhenjiang Haifutong Medical Materials Co. Ltd.

Wuxi Guangqun Laser Technology Co. Ltd.

Beijing Conductor Tech Co. Ltd.


Beijing Shuangji Trading Co. Ltd.

Beijing Jingboheng Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

Wuhan Tungshun Medicine Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Jiaojiang Yuyang Chemical & Industry Co. Ltd.

Beijing Zhongda Boyuan Technology Development Co. Ltd.

Henan Baiao Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

Lixiang Shiji (Beijing) S&T Development Co. Ltd.

Beijing Tianheng Bohao Medical Equipment Co. Ltd.

Wuxi Jusheng Building Materials Co. Ltd.

Xuzhou Yuanpeng Medical Appliance Co. Ltd.

Jiangxi Ganzhou Yixing Electronic Appliance Factory

Beijing Maixinte Pharm S&T Co., Ltd.

Beijing J&R Times (Pharma) Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Zhuoran Tairui S&T Development Co. Ltd.


Wuxi Hesheng Package Machinery Co. Ltd.

Beijing Baiwei Pharmaceutical Technology Co. Ltd.

Beijing Xinyibai Trading Co. Ltd.

Nanjing Wenshikang Electronic Co. Ltd.

Beijing Tian Ao Wei Ye S&T Dev Co. Ltd.

Taizhou Aolijie Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

Gaolujie Sanxiao Co. Ltd.

Hainan Yueyang Biomedtech Co. Ltd.

Beijing Baishi Trade Co. Ltd.

Changzhou Chganghong Dry Equipment Co. Ltd.

Beijing Baolaishi Trading Co. Ltd.

Beijing Xinhe Trading Co., Ltd.

Yangzhou Yangshen Medical Chinery Equipment Co. Ltd.

Nanchang Fuchang Technology Co. Ltd.

Nanjing Lanxin High-Technology Development Co. Ltd.

Beijing Chimingrui Biotech Co. Ltd.

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